ATM/VTM /STM(Virtual/Smart Teller Machine)

◆India Forbes / Lipi◆

Product: ATM machine

Sizes: 17”SAW touch monitor

Recently they won a bid with 10K ATM machines,

 we are proud that KeeTouch product spec. was wrote in the biding documents as the standard spec., 

that means KeeTouch is the only touch screen monitor supplier for this bid.

◆China Construction Bank◆

One of largest banks in China

Product: STM (Smart Teller Machine)

Sizes: 21.5” electromagnetic capacitive touch monitor (with encryption function)

This project was done, KeeTouch has provided 12K touch monitors in 2016.


◆Agricuture Bank of China◆

Product: VTM (Virtual Teller Machine)

Sizes: 15”17”21.5” touch monitor

Keetouch is the main touch screen monitor supplier, 

will provide 10K touch monitors to the bank in 2017.


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